Stainless Steel Carbon Brake Line Hose to Car

 Brake hose ...

Brake hose  /Line to Car FMVSS106 ECE R 78.02 DOT certificate

Brake Line hose Carbon (?DuPont) Kevlar ® and Stainless Steel braided.

Fren Tubo Stainless Steel braided Brake hoses / line kit.Good printing stability high life duration flexibilät Certificate OEM quality a. Complete brake hose kit with FMVSS 106 certified appraisals and mounting material
Production according to international ECE regulation and EC guidelines of European and German road traffic law
Certificate US standards FMVSS 106 and DOT

Kit is always to Front and Rear Brake made with the same laying kind as original include Holder protection and lead edge protection if original also available..
Fren Tubo offers partial laying Direct on as in racing sports which are better to bleed and flow / pressure optimized works.

Preparation measured even understandably by data of to lengt connections after is flat produce.

The available list is to all most manufacturer and types from technical will base not all articles adjusted in to shop. When interest to FrenTubo products ask inquiry to

as indication of product (material) for model type manufacturer year of construction and other relevant indicated.

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Brake Line hose Set front + rear fits on ALFA ROMEO 156 SPORTWAGON 1.9 JTD 11/2003 - 05/2006

starting from EUR 128,60 *

Brake Line hose Set 3 psc front + rear fits on Alfa Romeo GT 1600 By 1973-

starting from EUR 92,60 *

Brake Line hose Set front + rear fits on FERRARI MARANELLO 550

starting from EUR 148,60 *

Brake Line hose Set front + rear fits on Ferrari 208 Turbo Serie 1 /308 4V

starting from EUR 149,60 *

Brake Line hose Set 4 psc front + rear fits on Fiat 500 F/L/R (Epoca) By 1961-1973

starting from EUR 124,90 *