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CEP stands for courier, express and parcel services. Courier, express and package service; CEP services transport shipments mainly with relatively low weight and volume, such as packets, small packets, etc. Through these restrictions on Weights and Measures is a high degree of standardization in the execution possible, so that the envelope and the sorting the transport properties are easy to automate (part).

All quotation of all products is without possibly an obligation. All prices become (in € for the European Union including VAT (MwST)) (indicated in US $ (see first include Tax)for further countries without VAT the price change into order processing when select Country outside Europ.Now is exclusive Vat must not pay Vat and is(Tax free Delivery)without packaging forwarding.The delivery time indicated by us begins with the sending off of our confirmation of order, however not before clarification of all technical questions, teaching from the orderer to procuring documents, permission, releases, as well as before entrance agreed upon advance payment.2. The time for delivery is considered as kept, if up to its expiration the delivery article our work or our camp were left or the ready for dispatch shank were communicated by us. Information, diagrams, communications etc. illustrations and other information is only reference and can with the product deviate.

Cash on Delivery
If you want to pay by cash on delivery(max 75 Euro), you will pay with the receipt of the package the invoice amount zzgl. to transmission payment (as a function of the country of destination (De 2 €) please before order to determine by Web or inquire at local post office) directly at the postmen. The transmission payment we from the post office for the collection service achievement (cash-on-delivery system) directly from you raised. It is not proven thus in our calculation. All invoice items such as articles, dispatch and transport costs correspond to the goods basket representation

We ship World Wide Insured

Order your parts VAT FREE outside the EU

Registerd Letter Germany by max 0.5kg 5,50 €

Packet Germany by 5 kg 6,30 €
Packet Germany by 10 kg 8,90 €
Packet Germany by 31 kg 11 €
Registered Letter Europ by max 1 kg 8,90 €

EU from 300 Euro Free Shipping !

Packet Europ by 1 kg 17,50 €
Packet Europ by 5 kg 20,00 €
Packet Europ by 10 kg 21,50 €
Packet Europ by 20 kg 26,69 €
Registerd Letter World by max 1 kg 12,90€

outside EU from 450 Euro Free Shipping !

Packet World by 2 kg 29,90 €
Packet World by 4 kg 35,94 €
Packet World by 10 kg 46,34 €
conveyance Iloxx 50,00 €

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.