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 If a replacement battery is to...

If a replacement battery is to provide a lot of performance, take a look at Yuasa's high-performance batteries. Yuasa stands for more performance, less maintenance and longer service life. Yuasa maintenance-free high-performance batteries are the best choice for motorcycles, commercial vehicles, scooters, off-road vehicles, ride-on mowers, water motorcycles and snowmobiles.

All features of a maintenance-free standard battery, PLUS increased power & up to 30% more launchability thanks to a radiating grid design and additional plates GS / Yuasa is unquestionably the largest producer of high-quality batteries worldwide. Yuasa batteries have the largest share in the original equipment in almost every production of motor vehicles. The Yuasa is a real Spartipp. It supplies excellent values ??for little money and also cold weather conditions do not stop them. It has also been used for long-haul Harleys and Goldwings in the USA with an improved AGM battery series. The Yuasa GYZ 20 H or GY 20 L batteries provide a 30% more cold start-up current due to a more compact design, as may be necessary for the acceleration of the heavy crankshafts of the motorcycles mentioned.

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Battery Yuasa YB16AL A2 12 Volt 16 ah dimmension 207x72x164

EUR 89,90 *

Battery Yuasa YB16AL A2 12 Volt 16 ah dimmension 207x72x164

EUR 119,60 *