All personal details as well as complete order process incl basket data it has secured over SSL 128 bit SSL security certificates from Unisted SSL / übertagen.SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This "layer" is a kind of intermediate step when browsing: Normally, your own PC sends a request to the server and the website gets delivered. However, if an SSL connection is established, prior to the actual communication, a comprehensive "handshake" durchgeführt.Bei is the requirement for a secure connection to the server first sends its certificate to the client. This contains a validity period and the name of the server and the public key. Of central importance here, however, that this key and so the certificate is signed by a trusted certificate authority, called a Certification Authority (CA). To the client generates a random key, which is then encrypted with the public key of the server, so Only this can read it. Further communication then runs in symmetric encryption, since now both computers are in the possession of the same key. This process serves several purposes. On the one hand, the user can be sure to be connected to the same server, as long as the SSL connection. Further, the communication of outsiders read along or altered: Entered passwords, credit card numbers and the like are protected. Instead of the standard hypertext protocol HTTP :/ / ... use SSL secure server ID HTTPS :/ / .. In the simplest case, the user notices the entire encryption nothing. Provided that the server certificate is signed by a CA that the browser already knows, the rest of the procedure is done automatically. The browser can not uniquely identify the certificate, the user must decide whether to keep the other side is genuine. Then then takes the rest of the browser