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Banker´s Draft


debit entry + fee
Only from German Account

cash on Delivery + fee (8-10€)
If you want to pay by cash on delivery, you will pay with the receipt of the package the invoice amount zzgl. to transmission payment (as a function of the country of destination (De 2 €) please before order to determine by Web or inquire at local post office) directly at the postmen. The transmission payment we from the post office for the collection service achievement (cash-on-delivery system) directly from you raised. It is not proven thus in our calculation. All invoice items such as articles, dispatch and transport costs correspond to the goods basket representation

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Payment notice International Bank transfer SEPA

Customers should make payments in the euro area by SEPA (OUR) Bank transfers. Important: SEPA applies only to payments in euro.

Payments Euro. We indicate that in the SEPA Bank Transfer (OUR) not fee sharing possible is it. Order with SEAP transferring (share or BEN) will not be processed not send, payment must be made of the complete amount from order confirmation has send via e-mail: The client is the charges in the country of the customer; we not assume pay any fees as a receiver.

SEPA payments can be processed in Euros. For payments in other European currencies (such as British pounds or ...), it still requires special forms (such as a foreign transfer) and processing conditions (eg fees)

Payments in foreign currency are expensive and complicated if you choose the classic foreign transfer. It is meant for transfers in foreign currency or if money will be transferred to countries outside Europe do. In his way the costs are significantly higher than for domestic or SEPA Transaktionen.Transfer fee pay buyer we Italian German Technology accept no fees. (Receipt must be transmitted in order confirmation total amount!

Remittances are remittances in foreign currency or in countries that do not participate in SEAP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Euro_Payments_Area). The form is slightly different from the known forms for domestic transfers. You must next amount; name, account number and bank also enter the address of the recipient and the recipient bank. For international transfers, you do not necessarily need the international bank account number and routing number of the recipient. She also works with the national figures of the country.

Tip: International transfer time. Your money will thus be on the longer than two days. The transfer times at staggered by region: Western Europe, North America and Australia, 2 to 5 days, for South-Eastern Europe and days 3 to 15 and for South America, Asia and Africa, up to 20 days.

How much must I pay for remittances?

The cost of remittances is not uniformly defined. Banks have very different models. Some distinguish whether the customer makes a voucher at the counter or online transfer instructing others stagger the price by the amount of Transfer amount.Above all is sometimes still a foreign fee due. This can sometimes be 25 Euros. For conversion into foreign currency, banks usually charge a commission of a few parts per thousand of the transfer amount. Usually it is 0.025 parts per thousand, but at least 2.50 Euros.

Tip: Most banks have the cost of remittances from in their price and service list. The following is from the banks on the internet or you need to ask in the store afterwards.