O2 Mett Simulator to BMW Moto Guzzi Mv Agusta Models

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Motorcycle Electronics Modules Motorcycle Parts O2 (oxygen) Sensor Silmulator Exhaust Fuel Air Mixture Combustion Tuning Plug and Play for BMW Moto Guzzi Mv Agusta Motorcycles. The OkyMett O2 controller is an electronic module which plug and play is mounted in the original harness between lambda probe and ECU. It's finally time to say goodbye to the unwanted twitching / jerking in the Motorcycles with a Siemens ECU. Jetprime is proud to present the latest creation of the O²xymett Lambda Sensor Emulator. Every passionate motorcycling lover is all too aware that many of the current homologation regulations create problems for BMW Moto Guzzi Mv Agusta motorcycles. Not allowed in public roads traffic !!!
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EUR 134,90 *