Clutch Lever Performance Technology

   full adjustable Performance...

full adjustable Performance Technology Billet Folding Clutch Lever.

PT Lever Vehicles & Parts Vehicle Spare Parts & Accessories EVO III EVO II Brake & Clutch Lever
Billet Brake Lever adapted
to Original controls according to Motorbike Manufactur Build Year and Typ.Lever man-maschine form high Quality Alloy Top worcking smooth running better felling with Logo

developed with the best teams in the Italian CIV and world's supestock ,  supersport , superbike and moto 2 gp.

PT Clutch Lever to Aprilia Models

E X com full adjustable...

PT Clutch Lever to BMW Bimota Benelli Models

Performance Technology full adjustable...

PT Clutch Lever to Ducati Models

Performance Technology com full adjustable...

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