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Complett Chain Kits Sprocket Rear Front after Motorcycle model and Typ

Motorcycle chains have to operate in the most varied circumstances and the daily mix of grit and grime make sandpaper feel silky smooth by comparison. Life as a motorcycle part does not get any worse. That's why motorcycle manufacturers choose the chain brand with the longest life expectancy and the best power performance. And THE manufacturer of choice is Daido Corp who manufactures the D.I.D chains. After chain alignment, sprocket wear is the most significant reason for an early demise of a chain's roller and pin links and the dangers that brings. That's why many motorcycle brands stipulated the exchange of sprocket with a new chain. And that's why we make it easier by packing all you need into one set: chain, countershaft sprocket and rear sprocket.

Chain and sprocket Set to Aprilia Motorcycles

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Chain and Sprocket Set Ducati Motorcycles

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EUR 58,90 *

S100 Chain Cleaner Spray 300 ml

EUR 11,90 *
EUR 39,67 per 1 l

S100 Dry Lube Chain Spray

EUR 16,60 *
EUR 41,50 per 1 l
EUR 62,90 *
EUR 58,90 *

S100 Chain Sepp

EUR 7,70 *

S100 Corrosion Save 300 ml

EUR 13,90 *
EUR 46,33 per 1 l

Synthetic Chain Lube Spray D.I.D 420 ml

EUR 16,60 *
EUR 39,52 per 1 l

Chain Cleaner Spray D.I.D 420 ml

EUR 14,60 *
EUR 34,76 per 1 l

Chain eccentric Adjuster wrench to Ducati 748 916 996 998 Monster S4Rs Mutistrada Hypermotard Hyperstrada Streetfighter

EUR 29,60 *
EUR 29,90 *
EUR 71,90 *
EUR 71,90 *

Rear Wheel tool wrench socket Nut fit to KTM Super Duke 1290 all By all

EUR 53,90 *

Spezial wrench socket to Rear Wheel fit to KTM SuperDuke 1290

EUR 41,90 *
EUR 93,60 *
EUR 49,90 *