Brake Lever Performance Technology

   Performance Technology EVO...

Performance Technology EVO full adjustable Billet Folding Brake Lever.

Vehicles Parts Vehicle Parts & Accessories EX lever PT Parts Brake & Clutch Levers
Billet Brake Lever adapted to Original controls according to Motorbike Manufactur Build Year and Typ.Lever man-maschine form high Quality Alloy Top worcking smooth running better felling with different length.

developed with the best teams in the Italian CIV and world's supestock ,  supersport , superbike and moto 2 gp.

PT Brake Lever to Aprilia Models

E X com full adjustable Billet Folding Brake Lever...

PT Brake Lever to BMW Bimota Benelli Models

Performance Technology full adjustable...

PT Brake Lever to Ducati Motorcycle

Performance Technology full adjustable...

spare parts Performa Technology B-Lever

Spare Part accessories to Motocyle Brake lever EX Com as Clutch...

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Remote adjuster complete to PT Lever EVO 1+2

EUR 84,90 *

Remote adjuster complete PT Lever EVO 3

EUR 84,90 *