Motorcycle Top Yoke Triple tree

 triple clamp machined from light...

triple clamp machined from light alloy billet and then given a coloured anodized Black surface finish.
The top Yoke is interchangeable with the original one, thus keeping unchanged steering tube and bottom plate

100% racing inspired, it's made of aluminum alloy and CNC machined.
A fork top bridge that combines performance and lightness (-45 gr.), with its design will definitely change the look of your bike and certainly will not go unnoticed.

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Upper triple tree Aprilia RS 125 GP without ignition switch fixing

starting from EUR 169,90 *

Upper triple tree Aprilia RS 250 all By all Race Street with ignition switch fixing

EUR 329,00 *

Upper Triple Clamp Aprilia RS 250 all By all (without Ignition switch holder)

EUR 349,00 *