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Our products and suppliers only come from Europe, so that the quality and safety is ensured. Our main products come from racing or have applications in racing.To Suzuki SuperMoto Team Europe WSBK Team STERILGARDA GMB Racing.
Companies such as IRC 4-Racing Discacciati Cabonvani R-Moto FrenTubo Wiseco, etc....

Italian Racing Components
IRC Italian Racing of products, born, as idea, over some years. Our offer is, market with high-quality quality products to confront and „to price achievement on referred quality of products offer. We would like to be in the center between Chinese and point label name producers. We do not produce directly, but we produce technical certified companies with most modern manufacturing methods for real producers present itself for us after our specific requirement from this reason can. Our products are Italian or European as high-quality and reliable quality of products. We working some years as partners of other auxiliary company. In the year 2006 we decided to confront to the market directly. Owing to all of our customers and partners recognized the fast growing potential of the products and company.

DISCACCIATI BRAKE of SYSTEM builds brake systems for Race Motorcycles since 1984.
The enterprise builds on the racing experience of their founder, first as a driver, then as a Technician, who specialized in Brake Systems.
From this some co-operation with International Teams of the G.P came out., SUPERBIKE, SUPERSPORT and SUPERMOTO classes. On this basis FD could open DISCACCIATI BRAKE SYSTEM a High-Tech Line, which corresponded that to ever more highly becoming requirements of its to conform to Customers.
The Structure relating to crafts of the enterprise permits a flexible and efficient Production, and connects so the high Quality of the products with a very price and a label Name, which stand for Quality and security.

Fren Tubo
Established in 1984, Fren Tubo specialized in the production and marketing of high performance tubing for the passage of fluids in the motorcycle field, and particularly in the sector of brakes. The size, volumetric xpansion and resistance to high stress of Fren Tubo products immediately gained the interest of experts in the sector. On obtaining DOT and TUV certification in 1988, the stainless-steel brake hose was also adopted as standard equipment. In 1995, the brake hoses braided with DuPont (TM) KEVLAR ®, characterized by very limited volumetric expansion, were also type-approved by TUV according to the FMVSS 106 standard.

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